2015 Town Hall:
Oklahoma Priorities - The Government and Taxes We Want

You’ve seen these headlines…$611 million shortfall!…Largest funding cut in the nation for common education funding since 2009!...46% of the money is spoken for before the legislature even convenes! These headlines and others assured the board members of The Oklahoma Academy that they were correct in identifying now as the time to get citizen input and determine Oklahoma’s budget priorities.

The Oklahoma Academy Town Hall will directly address the questions of “How can state government use tax revenue more efficiently? How can citizens know they will get the best government services their tax dollars pay for? What services are important to us, and what do we want the government to provide? Titled “Oklahoma Priorities – The Government and Taxes We Want,” the Oklahoma Academy Town Hall will be held October 25 – 28 in Norman.

To provide the citizens and the participants with the information they will need, we are in the process now of developing and gathering the statistics, information and perspectives that will give citizens and those participating in the Town Hall solid information. We are putting the background resource document together with information that could be called “State Budgeting 101”, enhancing their ability to understand how the budget works in general and whether they want Oklahoma to operate with crisis and reactionary budgeting or planned, strategically considered budgeting.

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